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Samorost 2
Updated Thu Apr 04 2024
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Samorost 2
Samorost 2
Samorost 2


Game background introduction

"Samorost 2" is a sequel, a cosmic adventure story full of novelties. Your mission is to travel through time and save a dog that was abducted by two aliens. Solve difficult puzzles in various scenarios, escape from dangerous areas where you are lost, overcome all challenges and find where the dogs are kept.

Fun rolling game

Game manufacturers provide players with more surprising discoveries by adding new adventure content. Players transform into a little gnome in cute pajamas and must navigate dangerous paths to save his dog and solve the game's logic puzzles.

Simple but unique player controls

Players simply touch and hold the screen. Use the touch control system to move your character left and right or up and down. In order to save your beloved dog, you must infiltrate the alien's underground abode. The game will suggest paths for you to make sneaking in easier.

Excellent graphics and sound

Perhaps players who play "Samorost 2" for the first time will be surprised by the beautiful and clear graphics. The background design of the game is full of art, and the characters are cute and detailed. The movements of characters, animals, and plants are described in detail and rhythmically. Various insects of different colors and shapes look beautiful and attract the player's attention. The game's background music is light and interesting, coupled with the chirping of birds and the buzzing of bees, it will bring players an exciting adventure.

"Samorost 2" attracts players with its unique gameplay and fascinating storyline, allowing players to immerse themselves in a game world full of challenges and surprises. The puzzles in the game will test players' wisdom and imagination, while the exquisite graphics and sound effects create an engaging adventure experience for players. If you are an adventure game lover, then "Samorost 2" is definitely not to be missed.

Samorost 2 Info

  1. App Name: Samorost 2
  2. App Size: 106M
  3. Category: Adventure
  4. Developers: Amanita Design
  5. Current Version: v2.41.12
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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