Shadow Knight: Ninja Game RPG MOD APK v3.24.161 [Towards Menu]

Shadow Knight: Ninja Game RPG
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
  • Name
    Shadow Knight: Ninja Game RPG
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    153.09 MB


Shadow Knight: Ninja Game RPG
Shadow Knight: Ninja Game RPG
Shadow Knight: Ninja Game RPG


Recently, the Shadow Knight mobile game has added new content related to the awakening of super powers. This update adds many exciting new features to the game, allowing players to experience more exciting and challenging gameplay.

Story-telling role-playing game

In the Shadow Knight mobile game, players will play a member of the heroic group to complete the understanding and exploration of the game content. The sacrifices of heroes from previous generations set off the rise of players and allow them to uncover hidden mysteries. Players must defeat the forces of darkness by overcoming difficult combat, making difficult decisions, and fast-paced action. Through the panoramic perspective system, there are many walking skeletons, zombies and other enemies in the game, and you will also encounter more powerful monsters and bosses.

Perfectly ready for the mission

Shadow Knight players need to master basic combat abilities and skills, relying on hard work and hard-to-obtain equipment. They learn to use the interface's flexible controls to perform special moves and sword attacks. Building your own most powerful weapon is an exciting way to play while collecting unique items. Each hero has specific traits that help define their fighting style. By completing daily tasks, players can earn attendance rewards and unlock new territories to interact with enemies. Each battle with the enemy will benefit the player to some extent, and the reward system has more than 100 titles. Players are warriors who have grown up in training, and their mission is to study mysterious stories shrouded in darkness and serve the community.

Everyone can have a noble purpose

The noble missions in the game provide players with more content and depth. Through these missions, players can gradually discover the story behind the game. Players explore the fate of an ancient tribe and restore its dignity by eradicating the dark forces that dominate the land. Completing achievements will increase your level and allow you to face tougher challenges in the future.

Shadow Knight: Ninja Game RPG Info

  1. App Name: Shadow Knight: Ninja Game RPG
  2. App Size: 153.09 MB
  3. Category: ACTION
  4. Developers: Fansipan Limited
  5. Current Version: v3.24.161
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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