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Shelter 69
Updated Sat Jun 15 2024
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Shelter 69
Shelter 69
Shelter 69


Building a Solid Foundation for a Strong Shelter

Upon entering Sanctuary 69, the first task is to build the necessary facilities to ensure survival and long-term development. The expansion of the shelter is entirely dependent on the number of survivors inside, as each room requires an operator to be in charge at all times. Basic buildings will lay the foundation for later expansion or upgrades, allowing players to get creative and design the most impressive and prosperous shelter even on the ground.

Recruit more survivors to expand the shelter to new heights

Finding more survivors depends entirely on passive methods, and players must constantly broadcast to the ground to attract survivors and wait for them to come in. Accepting survivors is also complicated, as players must prioritize survivors with the greatest potential while ensuring staff stability. All survivors bring many surprises to players, and in the long run, they can improve the operational efficiency and long-term development of the shelter.

Providing shelter and jobs to survivors

Once players have accepted survivors in Sanctuary 69, it is important to assign them jobs that match their abilities. Each building or area requires a specific level of individual ability, and when working in the right environment for a long time, the survivors' favorability or skill level will increase. In the future, categorizing or personalizing the survivor roster will be very effective and can increase the productivity of the shelter for many new uses.

Explore the ground to gain more knowledge or items

There are many types of items or resources that players cannot create in the shelter, so they need to send their team to explore the surface and hope for positive results. The process of sending them to the surface is complicated because the world has become terrible and dangerous after the war, and players must prioritize the best possible equipment. The rewards brought by exploration are completely random and may be food, weapons, or more to perfectly develop the character.

Interact with beautiful girls and uncover their stories

The appearance of beautiful girls in Shelter 69 will greatly promote the progress of the game or the excitement of the player in many issues. Each girl has many unique qualities that make them impressive and ready to accompany the player through many challenges or painful stories. Many new potentials will also gradually open up, including upgrades or inner changes, so that players can effectively use each girl.

Trade with other players to obtain valuable items or resources

Best of all, the game also features online functionality, allowing anyone to engage in friendly exchanges or raid other players' shelters to earn even more generous rewards. These mechanics allow for great competition between players, but there are also many benefits for them to prepare for the worst and develop a shelter. Over time, exchanges with other players will become more intensive and more important, and become a great opportunity to find rare items and resources.

Shelter 69 is a relaxing but somewhat complex and strategic game where players need to build and develop their shelter to survive in the long term. The emergence of other complex elements also makes the gameplay more exciting, pushing everyone's creativity to new heights.

Some functions

Build a thriving shelter to house more survivors, or expand it further to unlock new potential for producing high-quality items and environments.

Manage survivors effectively to keep your facility running at top speed, while utilizing efficient personnel to optimal effect and avoid overwork.

Send out exploration teams to the surface to search for lost items or other resources in a random manner to increase the firepower and survivability potential of your shelter.

Interact with beautiful girls and uncover fascinating stories or hidden scenes, allowing players to immerse themselves in endless satisfaction and fun while interacting.

Trade goods and valuables with other Vaults, or go on raids for pure fun and entertainment as they amass the best through battle.

Shelter 69 Info

  1. App Name: Shelter 69
  2. App Size: 163M
  3. Category: NSFW
  4. Developers: player
  5. Current Version: v1.6.553
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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