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Ship Maneuvering Simulator
Updated Fri Mar 15 2024
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    Ship Maneuvering Simulator
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"Ship Handling Simulator 08" is a large-scale ship handling simulator that gives players a realistic experience, allowing you to experience the fun of maneuvering a large ship. Unlike other simulators, this game includes some features that are often overlooked, such as the reverse effect of thrusters, drift when turning, movement of steering points, lateral thruster effects related to ship speed, rudder effects Dependent on thruster flow and vessel speed, and bow thruster effect affected by vessel speed. There are currently three types of ships in the game: cargo ships, supply ships, and battleships, with more types likely to be added in the future. The game is played in a sandbox style, offering ocean, river and port environments. In the future I plan to add tide and wind effects as well. The simulator is based on the mathematical fluid dynamics MMG model used in professional ship maneuvering and berthing simulators.

In "Ship Handling Simulator 08", players will have the opportunity to experience real ship handling technology. The reverse effect of the propeller requires players to control the speed and direction of the ship more carefully. The drift feature increases the challenge of control. At the same time, players also need to pay attention to the movement of the steering point when turning to better control the turning path of the ship. Not only that, the effects of bow thrusters and stern thrusters are affected by the speed of the ship, so players need to consider more when using lateral thrusters. The cargo ships, supply ships and battleships in the game each have their own characteristics, and players can choose the appropriate ship to operate according to their needs.

The game is presented in a sandbox style, allowing players to explore the free ocean world. Increased current and wind effects in the future will further increase the interest and challenge of sailing. With the help of mathematical MMG models in the professional ship maneuvering and berthing simulator, the simulator also helps players better understand the science behind ship maneuvering, allowing players to gain a richer sailing experience in the game.

"Ship Handling Simulator 08" is a ship handling simulator that integrates a variety of features, bringing players a very challenging and interesting sailing experience. Whether you are a player who loves sailing or a player who is interested in ship control technology, you can find fun in this game. We look forward to the addition of more ships and environmental features in the future, making "Ship Handling Simulator 08" a shining pearl in the field of navigation!

Ship Maneuvering Simulator Info

  1. App Name: Ship Maneuvering Simulator
  2. App Size: 135.49 MB
  3. Category: Simulation
  4. Developers: Wpcons
  5. Current Version: v0.8
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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