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Ship Sim 2019
Updated Sun Jun 23 2024
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    Ship Sim 2019
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Ship Sim 2019
Ship Sim 2019
Ship Sim 2019
Ship Sim 2019

Ship Sim 2019 is a game that provides you with the most realistic and challenging ship driving experience. You will spend time improving your control skills and completing various tasks. At the same time, in the game, you can also manually adjust some elements to ensure your experience and unlock many new ships to suit your preferences.

Amazing ship driving simulation gameplay

In Ship Sim 2019, players will experience completely easy to understand gameplay, with various tasks to perform to earn a lot of money. They will take their time to get used to this gameplay and master the controls through some tutorial levels. You will need to pass this basic level to get your license and start an exciting sea journey with your ship.

You will observe the ship from a third-person perspective and see the sheer size it has. Sometimes, the speeds it reaches will not be as fast as the vehicles you play in other simulation games. You will also find new controls. Specifically, the throttle located on the left side can help you control the speed of the ship, the side engine can help you dock the ship, and the steering buttons allow you to maneuver the ship easily.

Complete the missions you get in the game

The first level you experience in Ship Sim 2019 is the tutorial screen. Here you will find the basic control skills that a captain can acquire. Once you have experienced simulation games, you will surely not be able to ignore the change of perspective when playing games. In addition to the basic view, you can also find other views, such as the view in the cockpit of the ship, the top view, etc. You can change the perspective as needed.

After completing the tutorial level, you will start choosing the job you want to do. A globe icon will appear on the sea, and you need to go there and choose the task you want. Of course, its information will be fully displayed so that players can easily find the correct task and quantity required. Then, once you make your choice, your destination will be shown on the map.

One interesting thing about playing this game is that you end up moving on the sea. If the place you want to go is separated by a landmass and looks very close to each other, you have to walk a long distance. You are given a HUD to easily observe your surroundings and a large map for you to choose the right direction. Sometimes the instructions on the HUD are not the best option for you to use.

Unlock many different ships

Players will be able to spend their time earning a lot of money, and the money you earn will increase day by day to buy new ships. There will be many different ships and specific statistics that players need to consider and buy in order to better complete the levels. Some new ships appear from time to time in new updated versions, so you certainly can't ignore what this game has to offer you.

Ship Sim 2019 Info

  1. App Name: Ship Sim 2019
  2. App Size: 283M
  3. Category: Simulation
  4. Developers: Ovidiu Pop
  5. Current Version: v2.2.5
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

How to Download?

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