Slingshot Smash MOD APK v1.6.25 [unlimited money/unlocked/no ads]

Slingshot Smash
Updated Sun Jun 30 2024
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    Slingshot Smash
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Slingshot Smash
Slingshot Smash
Slingshot Smash
Slingshot Smash
Slingshot Smash


Welcome to Slingshot Smash, get ready to experience an unprecedented slingshot shooting feast!

Destroy the building in front of you

When you enter the game, you will face a building full of targets. Your mission is to smash them with the powerful slingshot in your hand, while also destroying nearby targets.

Accurate shooting, one shot is fatal

The game is very simple to operate, just drag the slingshot rope and aim at the target. Remember, the slingshot aiming line will show the trajectory of the projectile, so you must observe carefully and choose the best shooting position. Thanks to the game's ultra-wide viewing angle, you can observe the target at any angle and accurately attack the weak points of the building.

Fight to win levels and challenge yourself

There are many levels with varying degrees of difficulty, and the complexity of the buildings will continue to escalate. Every time you complete a level, you will receive a generous reward, and the clarity of the reward will gradually increase. When the clarity reaches the maximum, you will unlock a unique projectile skin. Believe me, these skins will definitely make you shine!

Thrilling slingshot shooting experience:

Destroy buildings and indirectly defeat targets.

Easily control the slingshot and predict the trajectory of the projectile.

Each level has a limited number of shots, which will test your strategy.

Collect random rewards that appear in the levels.

Unlock new skins to show your personality.

Slingshot Smash Info

  1. App Name: Slingshot Smash
  2. App Size: 104M
  3. Category: Arcade
  4. Developers: CASUAL AZUR GAMES
  5. Current Version: v1.6.25
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

How to Download?

  1. First Click on the "Download" button to get started.
  2. Download the Slingshot Smash Mod APK on your Android Smartphone.
  3. Now "Allow Unkown Sources" Apps from your Phone.
  4. Install the APK Now.
  5. Enjoy!

How to Allow Unknown Sources?

  1. Go to your Phone settings.
  2. Click on Apps & Security Features.
  3. Now Tick on the "Allow Unknown Apps" from the options.
  4. Now Install your External APK you downloaded from AndyMod.
  5. Enjoy!