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Speed Reading — brain training
Updated Wed Mar 27 2024
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    Speed Reading — brain training
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Speed Reading — brain training
Speed Reading — brain training
Speed Reading — brain training


Learning a language requires mastering at least four main skills, and reading is one of them, which reflects a person's language proficiency. Speed Reading is an app that speeds up reading and helps learners improve their study habits. It is also very useful for students and improves overall productivity. We need to make reading a part of our daily lives after we leave high school or college. Without this practice, reading speed will slow down, become confusing and time-consuming. Fast and efficient reading skills are crucial in every field, whether professional, social or academic. This is because speed reading is only half the battle; we also need specific methods to improve reading skills. Understanding text while maintaining high speed reading can be really challenging. Increase your reading speed without sacrificing comprehension, using Speed Reading can help you read quickly and still understand text. Speed reading is useful when you need to focus on a large amount of material but have limited time. Practicing fast reading through the timer or watch function can also improve the effect, and downloading Speed Reading can help you read at the correct speed, speed up your reading, and effectively improve your reading efficiency.

The practice of speed reading became very popular between 1947 and 1959. This is a movement that focuses on how people can read faster. The movement spread to other areas and became popular in other parts of the United States. Its popularity led to the creation of the Super Reading Curriculum in 1976. This course has been very successful and has helped readers make successful progress. Since then, American students, researchers, and readers have worked more efficiently by increasing their reading speed. When students read a lot of books, they receive speed reading lessons with the goal of processing large amounts of information and learning many new things. SR Asia Global Education Co., Ltd. (transferred to SR Asia Global) provides Asians with rapid reading and comprehension skills so that they can process information and improve labor productivity. The rise of the information age has raised many questions: How do people deal with the mountains of work every day? Focus on the most important question at the same time. The speed at which people read answers this question. Skilled readers reduce the amount of information by sorting through unnecessary information, processing it, and eliminating it entirely. Reading quickly and understanding information more quickly can be achieved in the same way Complete a book in more time, which helps make decisions faster at work. When students read large amounts, they gain 70% of the information they learn. Reading improves students’ comprehension , helps them research when they need to read a large amount of documents. Speed reading is also useful when students need to quickly classify the information they are reading. This skill also helps them remember important questions while reading. Speed reading helps you remember more The more information you read, the longer you retain it. If you can't retain the information you read, you'll have trouble remembering it when you try to remember it. By increasing your practice of speed reading, you can improve your memory and information retention.

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Speed Reading brain training function

Our program has a unique methodology that integrates world experience, allowing you to increase your reading speed to the level you need without expensive courses. The main goal of speed reading is not to speed up reading. It is mainly to develop memory, attention and expand horizons. This is the foundation for learning foreign languages, improving college admissions, and other career advancement. By training with our program, a person will experience positive changes, he will realize himself, discover a new world, new opportunities. This discovery itself has an amazing effect, people will become more confident. The world around him was a better place for it. He started thinking differently, doing more, and becoming more energetic. Thinking effectively, thinking creatively, making the right decisions – these are the benefits that users of our app benefit from. Reading is a very useful skill for you, which enables you to successfully understand the material you read in the shortest possible time. This will help save time. How to improve the speed of text perception, in general, how many times do you need to reread the text? Let's discuss this. Generally speaking, no book, article, or other form of material is perfectly remembered the first time it is read. A first reading of any text may simply end with an impression of it, but an impression based on emotion. While people tend to remember emotions more easily - such as whether a funny movie was good to watch - it often happens that people forget the names of the main characters. What does this mean? We don’t know how to read to understand the message the first time.

Over one million books are produced each year, along with many other unique materials, articles and other materials. It is important to obtain and utilize this information correctly. But how to read such a huge amount of information? The answer is simple, develop speed reading skills. This is an extremely useful skill that can help one become a more literate person within a few months. Everyone can do it. This enables a person to read five books a day if training is requested. This is not the limit, some successful readers only need five seconds for a page and can recite it. You can do it too.

Why do you need speed reading skills?

Find or change jobs. Having speed reading skills makes you faster and better than other candidates. Economic crisis, unemployment, uncertainty - whoever owns the information owns the world. You'll be able to beat your competition and gain the respect of your partners, bosses, and subordinates. Prepare for exams quickly, memorize information easily, and have more time to spend with family, friends, hobbies, and read to show how knowledgeable you are. Your life will get better and you will succeed.

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  1. App Name: Speed Reading — brain training
  2. App Size: 14.37 MB
  3. Category: Education
  4. Developers: Speed Reading Team
  5. Current Version: v4.7.1
  6. System: android 5.0+
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