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Staff! - Job Game | Simulator
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
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    Staff! - Job Game | Simulator
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Staff! - Job Game | Simulator
Staff! - Job Game | Simulator
Staff! - Job Game | Simulator


In the mobile game "Staff!," players take on the role of a character who needs to create a home-building plan before starting to build a home. The game provides numerous house design and construction files for players to use, as well as tools to search and apply designs from the collection. Players are encouraged to make changes to the design, and additional guidance is included as they complete their plans, which helps speed up the construction process and eliminate unnecessary steps. The game guides players to make their home a comfortable place to live based on the system's recommendations by removing the stale elements of their old life.

Practice financial management and spending habits to improve skills

The development team behind "Staff!" understands the financial struggles players face every day. From paying fees to shopping for new items, everything can take a toll on a player's budget. When everyone in the family needs to buy new items, it's a great time to get things sorted. If you don't have enough finances to meet your needs, help is available quickly in the game. In courses that teach how to spend money, the prices of items with similar functions need to be compared, and their importance needs to be ranked when purchasing. In order to correctly learn how to manage finances, players need to perform operations every time they make a purchase. Through such practice and obtaining perfect results, it helps players build a practical financial management tool.

Lessons learned from difficult experiences

In “Staff!,” players face the hardships of responding to emergencies and building a new home. Various challenges in life will bring players many stories involving managing expenses and daily life. Responding to emergencies and building new homes requires choices between sanity and irrationality, and courage. Sometimes, it may be necessary to overcome a difficult situation by destroying walls, etc. Just find a way to solve the problem.

Explore the world through digital platforms

Players can create their own stories and unique experiences in "Staff!" by using a VR headset or mobile app to overcome obstacles such as building a house or blueprints. The game also includes situations such as getting used to a special environment or the challenge of designing a home. Players will be fully responsible for the home, and their experience is unique. The game's currency system will also continue to grow and change with future updates. Adapt to current events with in-game spending and wait for future releases to be released. Financial management and the proper use of funds are taught every step of the way.

Excellent level structure

The "Job Game" in "Staff!" allows players to transform into the most perfect human being. The game offers hundreds of career options, and each career can be changed multiple times by the player. In-game guidance helps players learn about each career option until they find the job that best suits them. Each level starts and ends differently, and players can choose from many new starting opportunities. The game provides players with no transaction fees and unlimited opportunities to build their dream homes, allowing them to enjoy their favorite activities and work and live a more meaningful life.

interesting narrative

In "Staff!" players will live out their every dream, as the game's activities are based on real life. Choose the job you like and start playing! Start living your dream life by choosing stories that you enjoy. Imagine the events that may occur over time. Because the game presents the lives of the characters, many possible life events must be considered. The game requires players to keep busy with many things, but also needs to be prepared for such situations. There is no pressure to achieve or score points in the game, so players can focus on activities that occur early in the game and are well-rested and have more time to do the things they love.

The Importance of Reward Management Objectives

In the "Job Game", players need to work hard to earn reward points and complete tasks, so they need to arrange their time to complete the work reasonably. Practical skills are learned through participation in different activities, and skills can be developed by tackling tasks related to putting out fires, cleaning the home or organizing the work schedule. The goal organization of the game focuses on clear goal setting, and the characteristic of the simulation game "Staff! - Job Game | Real Life Simulator" is that it realistically restores real life, allowing players to experience the fun of working in different professions in the game.

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  1. App Name: Staff! - Job Game | Simulator
  2. App Size: 115.68 MB
  3. Category: SIMULATION
  4. Developers: Linda Moreno
  5. Current Version: v1.2.14
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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