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Super Sus
Updated Fri Apr 19 2024
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Super Sus
Super Sus
Super Sus


As hardcore gamers today, we know how important multiplayer games are because almost all games include some interactive features. Every game has the possibility to interact with other players in a multiplayer organized format, as this allows you to make new friends and enjoy the game. Involving other people in the game makes the game more engaging in every aspect. Super Suspect is one such multiplayer game that immerses you in a world where you interact with each other. This is not an ordinary game where you need to play the game and have a few words with your partner. In fact, you have to make decisions for your team and game mode together.

The game revolves around identifying the cheater among the team members. This game has a lot of similarities to Among Us; here you need to get together with your friends and decide who the impostor is through lots of evidence and investigation. One or more members of the game may be impostors at any time, and it's not easy to spot them, so be authentic and honest in your approach. There will be about 10 members in the game and many such activities. There are over 20 role-playing classes to choose from, as well as 3 search factions to choose from for missions. You have to choose between 2 basic functional roles on the ship, Crew or Trickster. There are a variety of skills and abilities to choose from. There are a variety of work sets and functions on board. There’s also a whole range of working modes to explore.

Super Suspects is an improved version of the original game that provides many unfair advantages on our website. You can easily download a hacked or cheat menu modified version that works at 100% efficiency; we offer unlimited money and coins to upgrade in-game elements, tools, skill sets, abilities and powerful equipment. Unlock all game levels, unlock characters, unlock abilities and lives. Here you can buy any tool or equipment from the game store for free. This version integrates an ad-free policy that blocks all ads in the game. The modified version provided here does not require root privileges for installation and therefore comes with anti-ban and anti-virus protection. It is a safe and secure variant of the game for players to enjoy fully.

Unique and intuitive multiplayer gameplay

Super Suspect is a cooperative game where many friends work together. This is a new phenomenon in gaming, simply using skill sets to control gameplay in multiplayer games. Nothing is required but teamwork, find the impostors or cheaters among your team members and eliminate them.

Eliminate the falsehood and continue the journey

The game doesn't ask for anything remotely relevant. You need to be vigilant and identify impostors through the collective support of your team members. Finding and destroying them is the core gameplay you need to do. This is limited to the point where the game reaches its end. There's not much else needed in the game other than a small amount of new content in modes and modes.

Play solo matches with 10 members

Super Suspects offers users to interact with approximately 10 members of the team in each game. Explore the game with other members, each of whom has unique skills and abilities in the game. The power of each empowers users to make the best possible searches and decisions to spot scammers or fakers.

20+ characters to play in the mode

In Super Suspects, there are many characters for you to choose from and play as, since this is a role-playing game. Here you need to choose a character to handle the mode each time. There are many powerful characters to unlock as well, so be careful to choose the best possible character, as each one has individual skill sets and abilities that they utilize at different times.

Voice chat and meeting scheduling

In Super Suspects, players can interact through many enhanced methods; the most common of which is voice chat, which allows you to connect with players around the world. In the game you will experience the exact possibility of interacting by finding out the impostor or fake member of your team. Virtual meetings will be arranged to discuss topics and all members of the competition will participate to give their views.

Various game modes to explore

The game is not limited to just one scope of work, but there are many modes you can try. The lite mode here includes two main features: Trickster and Crew are popular, while other methods are also available. Explore Doctor Mode, Spy Mode, Engineer, Sheriff, Joker, Trophy Mode and more, with many more ways to play in daily missions and missions.

Make new friends and allies in the game

Super Suspects lets you discover a new world through the possibility of multiplayer interaction, where you can participate in the game with strangers. This multiplayer mode gives you the best interactive experience and allows you to build long-term friendships with players.

Download Super Suspects, interact with players or your friends around the world, complete the tasks provided in the game, and explore your lifestyle in multiplayer games with various friends. With ad-free gameplay, upgrades and enhancement tools, you'll get unlocked premium features, pro features, unlimited lives, characters and skills. Enjoy gameplay with improved and upgraded tools.

Super Sus Info

  1. App Name: Super Sus
  2. App Size: 214 MB
  3. Category: Action
  4. Developers: PIProductions.
  5. Current Version: v1.52.2.131
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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