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Sweet Home : Design & Blast
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
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    Sweet Home : Design & Blast
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Sweet Home : Design & Blast
Sweet Home : Design & Blast
Sweet Home : Design & Blast


Sweet Home is a mobile game that combines three tasks. Each mission is exciting - drag blocks of the same color horizontally or vertically to explode them. The faster you operate, the faster your rockets are created and the blocks become less necessary. This game combines home decoration and rockets into one puzzle. You can quickly decorate a room in your home with just a tap. The game frequently adds new landscapes and interiors to keep the experience fun.

Plan your home décor to suit your preferences

When players accumulate enough coins in their wallet, they can change the floor pattern and color. After that, the player starts assembling the furniture of the house. Different bricks and colors can be used for the walls. You can also add shelves, lamps and decorations according to your own ideas. Players can personalize Sweet Home to their liking. Joining this match-3 puzzle game, players must earn coins by arranging blocks of the same color in no more than three moves. The difficulty of each level increases as the block layout changes. Players are drawn to the simulation when given the opportunity to choose home decorations. Blocks merge one after another and then explode. Each puzzle fulfills the player's goal of manipulating a specific color of tiles in each round. The game gives players a sense of relaxation by solving puzzles and making choices in decorations.

Main features: plot, characters, gameplay

It is through these elements that the game becomes complete. Match blocks in small number of steps to create more rockets. Collect lots of gold coins to add more options for interior decoration. The furniture choices give the room a realistic and vibrant atmosphere. Pets can earn diamonds, gold coins and hearts every day. Completing more levels will reward players with coins and unlockable booster packs.

Download the modified version of "Sweet Home" and design your ideal home

You've successfully purchased a cheap home without putting in a lot of work. But a cheap home wouldn't be as nice as this one; it would be a rundown and dirty place filled with broken, outdated items. You need to complete puzzles to earn money. These puzzles are just like regular match-3 games; they require specific requirements and a limited number of moves. You cannot change the number of moves in any puzzle. Change takes time, so don't rush it. Instead, try to rescue them by progressing through the recycling steps.

Get satisfaction by accepting a request

You'll receive many requests from guests asking you to repair their homes and perform more challenging tasks. Because of this, they entrust you with a great responsibility. You must solve a series of puzzles in each chapter. You can use the money you earn to purchase and replace any items that are broken or missing in that room. You can also choose any home appliance or furniture. If your customers return more than what you spent on the items, it will return the business to profitability. Considering they have no other questions about the purchase, they'll probably give it back to you without hesitation.

There are many beautiful places

The exteriors of homes that have not yet been updated look stunning. Each room has a unique design style and looks even more luxurious after renovation. The accumulation of materials and design choices creates a unique living space. People living in a modern environment often create a distant environment through their daily habits. Some seniors prefer to create a classic style home to match their lifestyle. Gain rave reviews from discerning diners through your eating skills and eye-catching visual style. You can satisfy specific diners with your cooking skills.

Added magic boost items

Even though solving a tricky puzzle can be a headache, many of these puzzles require hard-to-find rational steps. Using the right enhancement is not the wrong choice. The drill can destroy any block in the game to collect unseen items. Maximize the stage effect by using a spray paint can, roller pen or tool box. These tools need to be used carefully and wisely to get the most out of your Sweet Home modification.

Create the home design you want

Changing the color of your house means re-planning your house plans. The unfurnished house needed to be repainted to fit the new vision. When you design your basic living room and kitchen interior, you can also design chandeliers, table designs, and luxurious sofas for your living room. You can also design the garden, outdoor pool area and other features of your dream home.

Make money with mini games

If you don't have enough money to make changes to your home, choosing the changes will be difficult. By playing a mini-game with familiar objects, you can earn rewards without spending extra money. To clear each level, you need to combine similar colored household items into vertical or horizontal lines. Breaking up the color palette by lining up differently colored objects requires a different approach. The game sets a specific number of moves that must be used wisely. Extra points are awarded to the player when a bonus screen is discovered with a strict cap on the number of steps.

Practical storage space for furniture dealers

The game's stunning interiors rival any artistic marvel. Featuring many different and varied pieces of furniture, it actually demands that you explore it in all its splendor. From the living room to the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, you can always choose the furniture you like. You can even replace traditional furniture with unique furniture from the bonus wheel. The game also includes rugs, glass doors and other additional furniture. You can even use rewards to choose anything you like and earn extra points for it.

Features of "Sweet Home: Design and Explosion"

Sweet Life: Home Design is an addictive block game that will keep you hooked for hours! Match colorful blocks, collect various props and complete tasks. Special props are available if you need help! Decorate residents' homes with mission rewards and enjoy the sweet life. Ready to start gaming?

How to play

- Click on 2 or more adjacent blocks of the same color.

- Match blocks in fewer steps for higher rewards!

- Reach your goal by matching each block carefully!

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  1. App Name: Sweet Home : Design & Blast
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  4. Current Version: v24.0119.00
  5. System: android 5.0+
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