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Tank Warfare: PvP Battle Game
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
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    Tank Warfare: PvP Battle Game
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Tank Warfare: PvP Battle Game
Tank Warfare: PvP Battle Game
Tank Warfare: PvP Battle Game


"Tank War" is a mobile game where players will participate in fierce battles between tanks from different countries. The goal of each level is to destroy all enemy tanks before jumping into battle again. There are many support items available in the game, including air strikes, health regeneration, and EMPs that disable enemy electronics. Each level will provide support to your teammates as long as you can destroy the enemy first. Once the level starts, you need to control the tank. Control is not as difficult as you think. There is a joystick button on the screen that allows you to freely control the tank. There's also a fire button that fires powerful bullets that can destroy enemies. When an enemy is too far away to target, aim can be used to determine its precise location. While moving in the process, enemies may appear anywhere at any time.

Knock down enemies to gain bonus points

While playing Tank Wars, you may notice nearby targets. This is because their health bar is visible via a heads-up display - an overlay screen that displays key information overlayed. In order to defeat the enemy, you need to handle the situation carefully through observation. Since you're using a tank rather than a firearm, you'll need to be extra careful when engaging enemies. When shooting an enemy, you can change the aiming line to green or red. This indicates that the tank's ammunition is being prepared and it will take a moment to fire the next shot. After successfully hitting your target, you should stay away - avoid getting too close - and kill your prey to earn points for your team. Each level is designed to complete a race with a set time limit. At the same time, each team will increase their kill points by continuing to participate in the competition. The team with more points will win the level. This isn't an easy job due to the amount of damage the tanks deal - sometimes players can also earn support items during matches. This is because some of these items can help players restore their health bar or fulfill other needs.

Enhance your tanks through research

When opening treasure chests in the game Tank War, players may find surprising rewards. In addition to resources, chests may also contain supporting elements that trigger effects. When entering the game screen, you can choose to speed up tank repairs or give yourself a protective armor that protects you from damage for 10 seconds. You should think carefully before making a decision, as the outcome will affect the rest of the game. By adding decorative symbols and changing colors on the outer surface of the tank, the appearance and strength of the machine can be significantly enhanced. You see, certain parts of the tank can be upgraded by checking the red exclamation mark icon. This costs a lot of money and takes time to accomplish. After upgrading, you can test your vehicle's new capabilities. Tank battles are so exciting that players can't take their eyes off them. Players control tanks and aim to destroy enemy troops to increase their team's overall score. Working together with other players will allow players to earn bonus points when fighting in tandem with other players. If they outnumber the enemies, it becomes more effective to win the level with other players. Tanks require precise movement and accurate shooting to access their control systems. Anyone attempting this must exercise caution. During combat, your goal is to destroy enemies identified on the map. Eliminating their health bars makes it easier to choose which enemy to defeat first. Chest rewards come from diverse and surprising sources; players often find unexpected items when opening them. There are items that help the tank for a short period of time and change its appearance, they also increase damage and reduce the time required to destroy enemy tanks.

Defeat your enemies with powerful tanks in a game mode called Tank War: PvP Storm

To end the war, one side must win. This can be achieved by gathering soldiers from one side to fight. Due to your expertise in driving tanks, you will undoubtedly help facilitate this process. Similar to other first-person shooters, Tank Racer's protagonist's movement and combat skills are similar to those of other games. The only difference is that they control a slower moving tank. Their goal is to locate and destroy enemy tanks. When fighting it's best to aim for enemies that damage you. Completely destroy all enemies and you will win this war.

Control as many armored vehicles as possible

Players have access to a variety of tanks with different combat capabilities. Some tank designs focus on battlefield speed, defense, or offense. There are even dedicated tanks for each battlefield maneuver. A high index number indicates higher quality. Pricing affects index numbers; lower prices allow for larger index numbers. Join the battle and learn all types of tank variants. Then use this information to become a war hero. Adapting to combat requires understanding your opponent's strengths and weaknesses. Take advantage of these advantages by employing various strategies.

A competitive game involving team battles

This is a game where players can compete in pure PvP. They can battle against expert tank drivers from around the world on one of the game's servers. Players will be randomly matched for each match. Players can play alone or in teams of two, ranking the scoreboard between two opposing armies. You can also cooperate with 40 other tanks on the battlefield. Invite your friends to form a team and get ready for battle. Use your teammates' strengths to create new ideas and challenge your opponents. Never know what new thing will happen next.

Adding extra gear to your character's arsenal is a great idea

Adding accessories to your tank can change its performance in combat. For example, adding missiles or grenades can greatly increase the power of a tank, adding armor-piercing rounds to all tanks.

Tank Warfare: PvP Battle Game Info

  1. App Name: Tank Warfare: PvP Battle Game
  2. App Size: 145.04 MB
  3. Category: Strategy
  4. Developers: Click 18 Mobile
  5. Current Version: v1.1.3
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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