Team SIX - Armored Troops MOD APK v1.2.18 [Unlimited money]

Team SIX - Armored Troops
Updated Mon Mar 18 2024
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    Team SIX - Armored Troops
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Team SIX - Armored Troops
Team SIX - Armored Troops
Team SIX - Armored Troops


"Team 6: Armored Forces" is a top-view squad strategy shooting action game in which players will control 6 types of special units to complete missions. The game is themed with large-scale total war and infiltration. Players can engage in armored combat with tanks and helicopters, while also utilizing long-range snipers for fire strikes. The game contains 6 different professions: rifleman, rocketeer, sniper, medic, expert and engineer. Players will experience different combat scenarios in 28 missions.

Six types of units and mission control

In the game, players can control a variety of vehicles, such as jeeps, tanks, and helicopters. The Rifleman is good at reconnaissance and providing air support, while the Rocketeer is a powerful anti-tank unit that can destroy enemy tanks and helicopters with a single missile. Snipers can defeat enemies with one shot and have the advantage of long-range strikes. Medics are indispensable on the battlefield, capable of treating injured units. Specialists have the ability to move quickly and detect enemy sightlines. Engineers are special units responsible for discovering and clearing mines and repairing vehicles.

Upgrades and equipment

Players can upgrade base facilities and improve the abilities of soldiers. Each profession has access to a variety of weapons, weapon modifications, and equipment, and players can choose according to different tactical needs. The game also incorporates "Ghost Mode", allowing players to develop diverse tactical strategies. By experiencing various missions, players can feel the fun brought by small battles.

Team SIX - Armored Troops Info

  1. App Name: Team SIX - Armored Troops
  2. App Size: 151.31 MB
  3. Developers: unknown
  4. Current Version: v1.2.18
  5. System: android 5.0+
  6. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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