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The Grand Mafia
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
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The Grand Mafia
The Grand Mafia
The Grand Mafia
The Grand Mafia
The Grand Mafia


"Big Gang" is a gang-themed strategy game. Players will play the role of a gang boss, control the territory, recruit his subordinates, avenge his father, regain his former dignity, and eventually become the overlord of the city! If you are a fan of gangster movies or games, then you must not miss "Gangster"!

Wonderful gangster world story

The game has a game story of more than 500,000 words, with exciting plot twists! As a gang boss, experience the dangerous and exciting world of gangsters! "Big Gang" uses high-quality realistic 3D animation. Players will play the role of the deputy boss and establish their own reputation in the cruel underground world. Players will meet other powerful families in the city while on a quest to uncover the dark truth and ultimately avenge their father.

Exciting faction activities

Faction gameplay also allows you to make friends around the world. "Big Gang" emphasizes social gameplay and has an automatic translation function. Players can communicate with other players around the world without language barriers! Players can join a faction and receive faction gifts, resource gifts from faction members, faction protection, and upgrades! There are also many faction activities that require faction team effort and cooperation. Many players have found true friends and even the love of their lives in the game!

Unique executor system

The game contains a highly strategic Enforcer system with over a hundred Enforcers, each with their own unique backstory, skills, and attributes. Different executors need to be dispatched with corresponding helper types. Each Executor also has his or her own unique sub-boss skills. Only by changing your fighting and training strategies can you survive in the underworld and eventually become the ultimate gangster boss!

Seductive beauty system

Through the beauty system and private clubs, you can interact with beauties from various backgrounds in the game. Increase the beauty's favorability by interacting with her and playing mini-games! By increasing your favorability with beauties, you can unlock their outfits while improving their skills and talents! This will help you better develop and improve your combat effectiveness!

Different styles of fighting

Rich and diverse fighting methods allow you to challenge and test your intelligence! Big Gang includes big events like the Battle of City Hall, the Governor's Battle involving the entire city, and the attack on the police station. These require not only your own strength but also a strategy that includes cooperation and alliances. Only by using all 36 strategies can you reach the top and become the best in the city!

I hope you all enjoy the wonderful gaming experience brought by "Big Gangster"! Remember to follow official channels for more latest information and activities!

The Grand Mafia Info

  1. App Name: The Grand Mafia
  2. App Size: 120.2MB
  3. Category: Casual
  4. Developers: Phantix Games
  5. Current Version: v1.1.967
  6. System: Android 5.0
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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