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Tizi Town - My School Games
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
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    Tizi Town - My School Games
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Tizi Town - My School Games
Tizi Town - My School Games
Tizi Town - My School Games


"Tizi Town My School Game" is a mobile game with the theme of school life. New learning challenges, cute images and attractive gameplay will lead players to explore a small city full of fun and educational significance. Let’s take a look at some of the key features and content of this game.

The beginning of campus life:

On campus, students always announce the start of class when the bell rings. This familiar sound draws young children into the game. The game provides relevant story stages that players must go through as they progress through the game, and these stages are an important part of the overall plot.

The classic challenge is coming:

Studying science courses in school is an integral part of the game design process. The game makers incorporated this aspect into the game to give the entire game an atmosphere like a real classroom setting. Through research in the laboratory, players can become geographers and learn astronomical knowledge about the planets. Play tennis, badminton, basketball and other sports outdoors to allow players to get exercise in the game. The game is set up so that players can play for hours without needing to take a break.

Eye-catching visuals:

Game creators must consider many aspects when making a game, one of which is graphic design, as it is one of their responsibilities to determine the best visuals for children. The game pays special attention to the artistic style, using cartoon-style images to attract children and entertain them through various scenes in the game. The characters in the levels take the form of young children and participate in classroom activities, which adds to the appeal.

Key features of the project:

1. Hear the excitement of the school bell and start your adventure with proud knowledge.

2. Earn prestigious prizes for setting goals and achieving them.

3. Displaying your wins in a showcase is a great way to appreciate your accomplishments.

4. Obtain information on various subjects such as astronomy, geography and mathematics.

5. Children’s attraction to unique cartoon graphics.

Tizi Town My Campus Game is an educational and entertaining mobile game that allows students to experience the fun of campus life. It provides engaging learning challenges, achievable prizes and cute images. It is a fun game for children to enjoy. A great choice for them to learn and play in games.

Tizi Town - My School Games Info

  1. App Name: Tizi Town - My School Games
  2. App Size: 108.54 MB
  3. Developers: player
  4. Current Version: v2.2.7
  5. System: android 5.0+
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