Tower Breaker - Hack & Slash MOD APK v1.51.5 [Unlimited money]

Tower Breaker - Hack & Slash
Updated Tue Apr 02 2024
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    Tower Breaker - Hack & Slash
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Tower Breaker - Hack & Slash
Tower Breaker - Hack & Slash
Tower Breaker - Hack & Slash


Tower Destroyer takes you into a world where you become a demon-possessed hero whose only goal is to destroy the Tower of Heaven. Go deep into the military fortress and eliminate all the guards and watch them fall to the ground due to structural damage. The combat system is easy to understand and control, there's no need to actually move to defeat your enemies, just stay still and they'll destroy themselves. Select the attack button to launch an attack on your opponent, use the defense button to block all attacks, and skills like counter attack and slicing energy can be used by pressing specific buttons.

Conquer the world's towers and win

Enter the tower through the destructible gate. Each tower is a multi-level battlefield that you must attack level by level to defeat all guards and obtain their souls. Each tower is a separate game screen with multiple floors. Players must climb level by level, eliminate all guards, then collect their souls and destroy any remaining defenses. The last level of tower is the strongest, and the guards there become stronger with each level transition. Take advantage of this situation and win huge rewards.

Use skills to defeat enemies

Use your character's abilities against powerful enemies that you can't touch with your hands. Click the skill icons on the attack and defense buttons to use them. Skills like Cut Energy and Counterattack are helpful in defeating enemies that refuse to budge, and they take time to acquire and need to be used wisely in dangerous situations. Destroying towers allows you to clear floors faster. Destroying the tallest tower will eliminate all guards on that level.

Empower with Hell Armor

The armor worn by Tower Crashers' heroic guards never runs out. Choose from a wide range of infernal armor, each with different colors and power characteristics. Fuse powerful weapons with super energy armor to become a super shuttle warrior. Destroy all the skyscrapers with a powerful strike and collect the strongest armor. Resources gained by completing missions can lead to additional armor options, which have unique shapes and additional effects, depending on the armor.

Get digital weapons from enemy Android enemies

As you defeat tower guards and pick up weapons, you'll be able to collect unique weapons like claws, swords, spears, and more. You can freely choose the weapons you like and equip them on your character. To defeat powerful bosses, combine weapons and enhanced equipment that offer different skills. Each weapon provides a different set of useful skills in combat. Once defeated, these bosses can be knocked to the ground and their treasures obtained. Download Tower Destroyer MOD now and become a death hell warrior with Tower Destroyer features, destroy all enemies and cause towers to collapse.

Play Tower Crashers, a fun and simple action game

We must ally with the forces of evil, destroy the kingdom's defense towers and eliminate any soldiers or guards that stand in our way. I need your help in summoning other monsters to help me complete my mission. After that, I planned to collect all the weapons scattered around and eliminate anyone who stood in my way. Although Tower Crashers - Hand Hack is considered a hack-and-slash game, its controls are as simple as pressing three buttons. The first button lets the player dash towards enemies at high speeds, the second button reflects attacks and repels advancing enemies, and the third button is used for most of the game's attacks. Players should press this button quickly and frequently to maximize its effect.

Features of Tower Crashers

- Strengthen your weapons to the extreme by collecting the best equipment!

- Use pets to change armor and shields!

- Grow and upgrade with each weapon's unique skills!

- Use your pet’s signature abilities to perform amazing feats!

- Take advantage of your enemy's defenses to defeat their bosses and iconic enemies!

Features of "Tower Crasher - Hand Slash"

- Become a demon and conquer all towers. assault! defense! attack! Defeat the enemies!

- A simple and fun action game "Tower Crasher"

- Get the best weapons and strengthen them with 100% chance!

- Collect your cool armors and shields!

- Get pets to help you grow and level up!

- Use each unique weapon's gorgeous skills!

-Destroy enemies and powerful bosses unique to each tower!

Tower Breaker - Hack & Slash Info

  1. App Name: Tower Breaker - Hack & Slash
  2. App Size: 119.28 MB
  3. Category: Action
  4. Developers: 111
  5. Current Version: v1.51.5
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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