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Tower Conquest
Updated Wed Jul 03 2024
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Tower Conquest
Tower Conquest
Tower Conquest
Tower Conquest
Tower Conquest


Tower Conquest is a delightful strategy tower defense game with friendly graphics and lively characters that allow players to relax. This game emphasizes simplicity above all else, allowing players to achieve overwhelming victory using only a few moves and an unbreakable strategy. As the conquest progresses, players will always face new challenges and be able to experience pure humor in many situations.

An endless and enjoyable journey

The player's journey of conquest will cross countless different lands, face various enemies and leaders, and test their strategies and formations. The entire journey is divided into different levels, and the goals of each level are different, but players can exceed the goals to get more rewards. Interestingly, the interaction between the protagonists or leaders is very vivid, allowing players to be entertained in every event.

Simple yet intense strategic combat

Battles take place in real time, and the player's task is to use effective combat units to destroy the enemy's castle. As time goes on, the pace of the game will speed up, and players will consume mana when summoning specific units. They must organize strategies and summon each unit appropriately in order to send out the strongest lineup in each battle.

A variety of interesting modes

Various game modes will become an endless source of entertainment, and players can experience intense excitement while enjoying a moment of tranquility. The content of each mode is different, such as permanent energy, survival, overwhelm, etc., which adds diversity to the gameplay and player experience. Their rewards are also generous, and there are many elements that allow players to upgrade or add new forces to the squad.

Diverse creatures and monsters

Each land that players travel through has its own unique monster system, which requires the battlefield or the player's formation to constantly adapt to increase the chances of winning. Many special factors will affect both sides in each level, but players can turn disadvantages into advantages. In the future, players will sometimes have to change their ultimate skills to effectively destroy monsters with the corresponding elements.

Collect powerful combat units

As players continue to enter new lands, many new combat units will be introduced for players to change their formations. The combat unit system is very diverse, with many characteristics and advantages for players to effectively use in each different type of battlefield. Even so, players can only carry up to 5 independent combat units, but their abilities can resonate, allowing players to be more creative in the lineup selection process.

Level up and unlock new potential

If players collect the required number of cards, they can upgrade each combat unit. After upgrading, the number of their summons, damage, and defense will increase, so that players can fight against stronger enemies. Not only that, their new shapes and abilities will be unlocked, making the combat unit system more diverse.

The fun is endless and increases over time as players develop and upgrade all the facilities included in their squad. The game also holds many exciting events and challenges from time to time, with generous rewards for players to adapt to different difficulty levels.

Tower Conquest Info

  1. App Name: Tower Conquest
  2. App Size: 170M
  3. Category: Strategy
  4. Developers: Titan Mobile LLC
  5. Current Version: v23.0.18g
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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