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Trailer Park Boys
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
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Trailer Park Boys
Trailer Park Boys
Trailer Park Boys
Trailer Park Boys
Trailer Park Boys


Wanderer Park takes the extremely popular origin story and evolves it into a game filled with even more extraordinary situations. Players will take on the role of the manager of the famous Sunnyvale Trailer Park, and you will complete many tasks to develop it. In the course of business, when special guests such as police or harassers appear, you will face many unfavorable situations. You may be imprisoned or shut down, but the funds can help you open a new park in another location. An exciting journey of survival as a successful businessman!

Provide special suggestions to improve the game

Your comments will help Wanderer Park improve its releases. New content such as characters, buildings, and many interesting situations have been added. Some minor bugs discovered during the release process have also been noted. An issue with the real-time clock displaying incorrectly has been improved. Your buildings will continue to grow and earn idle funds. After the update, the gaming experience becomes smoother.

Fun at the trailer park operation

In Wanderer Park, your life is a series of days spent doing boring administrative tasks. Every hour that passes, the building collects a large amount of money. In order to get a large play area and attract many tourists, you will have to go through the most difficult journey. Buildings are more expensive to collect; forests cover empty areas, and many other situations you encounter when building a park in a relatively empty area. The most basic strategies for growing as a trader have been developed.

To create a complete space, a real park with rides, players need to create a flat piece of land. This costs a lot of money and takes time to accomplish. With a medium-sized campus, users can create their first guests with the required items and conditions. The more visitors you have, the more money you get. Buildings will grow according to level; as you level up, you will receive new amounts of money.

Enjoy your free time

Rover Park highlights activities related to improving your Sun Valley Trailer Park business and focuses on the decisions you make. There is a long list of follow-up buildings and new characters in the system, and players choose and pay to have them appear. Each building collects many coins or resources that benefit the development of the park. But unfortunate events can happen, including the appearance of the police, which will cause you to lose this idle source of income. Don't worry; you still have the opportunity to open a park in other more interesting and potential locations.

Key Features:

1. Influenced by popular comedy, a fun-filled game is created that includes idle activities of building a park, spending time with friends, discovering interesting stories, and getting into some trouble.

2. The system creates a series of cute character animations and architectural images, and uses unique sound effects to help players experience it in a unique way.

3. The activity of expanding the park space by cutting down trees and building structures will help you earn extra income; a list of buildings to construct is provided to make things easier.

4. A list of new characters will be provided, but players will need to have enough of the required items to unlock them and allow them to live. You will have more companions on your journey.

5. From time to time various challenges and difficult situations arise that may interfere with the park development process. Special guests such as police or troublemakers often visit.

Trailer Park Boys Info

  1. App Name: Trailer Park Boys
  2. App Size: 46M
  3. Category: Simulation
  4. Developers: East Side Games Studio
  5. Current Version: v1.34.0
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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