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Unromantic Demon Queen : Otome
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
  • Name
    Unromantic Demon Queen : Otome
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    143.35 MB


Unromantic Demon Queen : Otome
Unromantic Demon Queen : Otome
Unromantic Demon Queen : Otome


The steamy romantic fantasy story Unromantic Demon Queen unfolds in another world

"Unromantic Demon Queen: Demon Queen is Unromantic" is a unique mobile game that tells a romantic story full of fantasy elements. In the game, players will be taken into a mysterious other world and embark on a challenging and passionate adventure with the Demon Queen.

Game plot:

In Unromantic Demon Queen, players will play an ordinary modern girl who accidentally travels to a mysterious world full of magic and otherworldly creatures. In this world, the Demon Queen rules everything. She is cold and powerful, but seems to hide some unknown fragile side. Players need to gradually uncover the secrets behind the Demon Queen through interactions with her, explore this world full of dangers and challenges, and decide their own destiny.

1. Unique setting - Unromantic Demon Queen will bring players a new fantasy world, combining modern elements with mysterious magic, allowing players to experience an unprecedented adventure.

2. Deep interaction - Players can interact with the Demon Queen in various ways in the game, and influence the development and ending of the story by choosing different dialogue and action methods.

3. Rich characters - The game also covers a variety of characters, each with a unique personality and background story. Players can interact with them and learn more about the mysteries of this world.

4. Diverse endings - Players' choices and behaviors will affect the direction and ending of the game. Different decisions will bring different results. Players can experience various story development paths.

5. Exquisite graphics - The game uses exquisite graphics and design style to create a world full of magic and romance, allowing players to immerse themselves in a visual feast.

"Unromantic Demon Queen: Demon Queen is not romantic" is a mobile game that combines fantasy, romance and adventure elements, suitable for players who like exploration, interaction and storyline. In this mysterious world, experience various challenges and adventures with the Demon Queen, uncover the secrets behind it, and explore unknown areas. Come and experience this hot and romantic journey and start your own fantasy journey!

Unromantic Demon Queen : Otome Info

  1. App Name: Unromantic Demon Queen : Otome
  2. App Size: 143.35 MB
  3. Category: SIMULATION
  4. Developers: Storytaco Inc
  5. Current Version: v1.0.5
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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