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Unruly Heroes
Updated Sat Jun 15 2024
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Unruly Heroes
Unruly Heroes
Unruly Heroes
Unruly Heroes
Unruly Heroes


Embark on an intense adventure

Unruly Heroes takes you on a perilous journey to find the Western Sutra. This is a unique adventure game with action elements. Transform yourself into a group of characters and participate in fierce battles. On this journey to obtain the scriptures, our heroes will face many difficulties. With their devout hearts to the Buddha, they will do their best to obtain the true scriptures for all living beings.

War is raging and danger is lurking everywhere

We all seem to be familiar with the famous novel "Unruly Heroes". The uniqueness of this game is that the characters in Journey to the West will join your team and embark on a magnificent journey to obtain scriptures. On the way to obtain scriptures, you will encounter countless obstacles and fierce battles are imminent. Faced with numerous difficulties, will your team retreat halfway?

As a player, you will control all the characters under your command and let them advance according to the plot of the original book. You must plan the most reasonable path to save time. Difficulties come one after another, and you are the one who leads the team to overcome difficulties. "Unruly Heroes" will constantly provide you with new strategies to allow you to comprehensively improve the strength of your characters. Control the characters to participate in fierce battles, and winning is your goal.

Working together to overcome difficulties

On the road to the scriptures, the team needs to overcome many obstacles. Evil forces are waiting in the wings, trying to capture your character. But with their abilities and loyalty, the bad guys are not easy to deal with, and you must fight side by side with your character. Challenges emerge one after another, and you need to control the character to resolve them one by one.

Skillfully using the character's combination skills is a skill that players must master in this game. The combination skills greatly enhance the team's combat power, making it difficult for any enemy to resist. Using the quick winning skills in "Unruly Heroes" is also a great way to confuse the enemy. You need to control the character to quickly attack the opponent's weaknesses and make it lose balance.

Extraordinary ability helps you win

Unruly Heroes will give you a set of unique skills to help you handle battles with ease. Each superpower has devastating power, such as the whirlwind kick and the air-breaking punch. Various spells can also come in handy in emergency situations.

The characters must limit the killing of enemies, because this is the journey to obtain the scriptures. The game always provides a trump card for all characters, that is, to use devastating super powers when facing too strong a challenge. A series of abilities will be unlocked in turn to provide you with effective support.

Through this setting, "Unruly Heroes" always shows players the wonderfulness of the game and greatly improves the character's ability. Each character has a unique personality, and their fusion will add more artistry. The most exciting thing is that the increasing challenges in the game will hone your reaction ability.

Unruly Heroes Info

  1. App Name: Unruly Heroes
  2. App Size: 900M
  3. Category: Arcade
  4. Developers: Perfect Game Speed
  5. Current Version: v1.2
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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