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Wild Arena Survivors
Updated Wed Jun 12 2024
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    Wild Arena Survivors
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Wild Arena Survivors
Wild Arena Survivors
Wild Arena Survivors
Wild Arena Survivors
Wild Arena Survivors


"Wild Arena Survivors" is an online combat survival STG, where players build attack strategies through hero-specific weapons and local supplies. It uses a top-down Lol-style screen with a wide field of view, and the operation is a virtual joystick, which is easy to use.

Each hero has unique characteristics. Players need to consider the characteristics of the hero's weapons and match them with local supplies to form a powerful combination. Whether it is a single or double player, give full play to your personality and strategy to survive until the end!

Combat Operations:

The game uses Lol-style operation, using the virtual joystick to move and buttons to trigger attacks, skills and props. Starting from high-altitude skydiving, players obtain enhanced props and weapons by destroying obstacles such as trees, rocks, and wooden boxes. In addition to two hero-exclusive weapons, make good use of local supplies and survive until the end.

Hero Growth:

Each hero can strengthen their weapons and attributes, and receive exclusive mission rewards. Choose your favorite hero and strengthen it comprehensively. The hero has two different weapons, and with different supplies, you can create a unique combat style.

Multiple strategies, easy to learn but difficult to master:

The map is clear and easy to understand, with marked treasure chests and battle sounds. The operation is simple and easy to use, and players familiar with top-down action games such as League of Legends can easily get started. The battle rules are clear and easy to understand, and everyone from online battle enthusiasts to novice players can enjoy it.

Rich roles and strategies:

The heroic character setting gives each hero a unique personality. Strengthen weapons and supplies to create a variety of fighting methods. When a character obtains and strengthens the props they are good at, the firepower doubles, which is exciting. The game provides a variety of team strategies, such as two-person cooperation and joint combat.

Not only fighting, but also strategy:

Players can lure wild beasts to attack enemies. However, due to the character enhancement mechanism, there are differences in combat strength, and how to make up for the gap becomes a challenge. The game not only encourages head-on confrontation, but also emphasizes strategy, such as sneaking, teasing enemies, and luring them into traps. Similar to the Lol series, players can hide in bushes or go around blind spots, formulate various strategies, and even if they are weak, they can make up for their disadvantages through tactics and experience a truly strategic battle.

Wild Arena Survivors Info

  1. App Name: Wild Arena Survivors
  2. App Size: 586.3M
  3. Category: Action
  4. Developers: Ubisoft Entertainment
  5. Current Version: v4.10.0
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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