YuFace: Makeup Cam, Face App MOD APK v3.6.5 [Unlocked]

YuFace: Makeup Cam, Face App
Updated Thu Mar 21 2024
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    YuFace: Makeup Cam, Face App
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YuFace: Makeup Cam, Face App
YuFace: Makeup Cam, Face App
YuFace: Makeup Cam, Face App


YuFace is a mobile app that offers features that allow you to use nude photos to reduce facial blemishes and make your skin smoother with whitening effects. Instead of having healthy and glowing skin, people who use YuFace will have a dark complexion with whitening spots. Whether you're playing a character or yourself in real life, you should always put makeup on your bare face. This includes eye shadow, blush, lip liner and more, with users able to choose from a wide range of colors and styles. Using eyeliner and arching your brows will make you irresistible. When you need to quickly edit a photo, use your favorite makeup effects to get it done. Change the contrast of your photo to keep your makeup consistent and balanced by increasing or decreasing options. You can use this app to create your own unique makeup effects. Without having thick hair, you can define your hairline and make it look stylish. You can also change your hairstyle or add volume to fine hair. Add animal ears, tattoos or other unique touches to your photos, and YuFace's makeup app lets you create the most natural-looking face photos. You can even use the app to create an exotic look for your selfies.

Master natural retouch for a completely new look

YuFace corrects figures by automatically adjusting facial contours, so many people use it to edit portraits. Choose the look you want by increasing or decreasing the number to 100. This photo editing app helps users achieve a natural and elegant look by making uniform changes to the entire face. Set between 90 and 100 to use medium data volumes. Both the face and hair can be changed in color and style with a few adjustments. Make your eyes more angular, or your face rounder, or even whiten your teeth or straighten a crooked nose. Help those who want to improve their appearance but are worried about being judged by submitting this app. By changing the lines around their face, they can better understand the changes they need to make.

Enjoy beautiful photos and use your favorite filters or effects

YuFace includes a variety of photo editing features, including beauty filters. It also allows users to take photos directly with default settings, or customize settings to take better photos. Quickly create beautiful selfies with just a little effort by editing photos. Add makeup and photo manipulation effects to make yourself more attractive. Professional filters are already included in the app, and many people like to choose filters that match their style and aesthetic. These filters come from different color palettes with precise colors. There are many benefits to downloading this beauty photography app, it comes with a self timer, flash, size options and quality settings so taking photos with this app is very convenient and completely free.

Product key features

Anyone can use this free app to edit and capture images that look just as good as selfies. Add color and style to your face by utilizing any makeup brush such as blush, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow and lipstick. There are also many possibilities when editing faces, such as changing eye color and hair color, slimming down the nose or making it longer. Adjusting facial contours can make your eyes appear larger and your nose look neater and straighter. Filters can be used to match edits in the photo to create a more natural and harmonious look. You can also add your favorite effects to the original, making it easy to use presets before touching up or making quick edits.

YuFace mode lets you make artistic changes to your selfies

YuFace offers a variety of options right after launch, including filters and effects to make every photo more beautiful. When taking pictures, Portrait mode can be used on every device, even if you don't need a special camera. When taking photos with your camera, choose from a variety of themes and consider using your camera's editing tools to achieve a specific style. Maintain the appearance by making only minor modifications to the face. The photographer's goal is to create a new attractive look and the selection only takes a few minutes.

Change photography focus from current subject

Photos surrounding a specific theme use the original background rather than replacing it with new elements. For example, a beach photo would use sea water and white sand instead of a new background. There are many themes to choose from, such as Christmas, Halloween, summer, winter, etc. Each theme has different colors and elements, suitable for taking photos in a variety of moods. The focus of the photo is still on the person in the middle, which is you.

Change your look with updates

YuFace's modern portrait scanning system occupies an important place in editing. This system defines your eyes, nose, mouth and facial shape by the main person in the photo. You can adjust the custom face mask to match your personal preferences. This can increase or decrease the overall appearance of the face. YuFace does its best to make your photos look more realistic by making you feel boring at times.

Makeup doesn't waste time

Many people like the YuFace feature because it automatically applies makeup for you when you feel your face looks unsafe without makeup. This feature has a lot of fans and people worry about it every day. When using this device, put your face in front of the camera and you'll instantly get makeup effects like lipstick and foundation. Although this method doesn't take much time, it may cause blemishes on the face due to the rapid application of makeup. This method can help apply makeup while still maintaining a natural look when taking photos. Prioritize your makeup in key moments and use YuFace to change the way you take selfies every day.

YuFace Makeup Camera App Features:

- Helps you apply makeup perfectly and remove all blemishes on your face

- You can have a V-face without plastic surgery and no need to spend a lot of time on makeup

- Whether it’s popular summer, Halloween, or custom makeup effects

- You can add a variety of makeup effects to photos and mark them as favorites to make makeup easier

- Touch any area of the screen to take a photo

- Selfie timer, take pictures

- Teeth whitening, nose slimming, lipstick, blush, eyebrows, eye makeup, stickers

- You can use the makeup tools provided in the app to create your own makeup, including skin smoothing, face slimming, and hair dyeing

Use our app now and become more beautiful, apply makeup in one click and waste no time. Please give a 5-star rating to support the developers.

Make facial makeup art easy and fun with YuFace!

YuFace: Makeup Cam, Face App Info

  1. App Name: YuFace: Makeup Cam, Face App
  2. App Size: 97.7 MB
  3. Category: Photography
  4. Developers: Yu Apps
  5. Current Version: v3.6.5
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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