Arcane Quest 3 MOD APK v1.7.6 [money/unlocked]

Arcane Quest 3
Updated Tue Jun 11 2024
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    Arcane Quest 3
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Arcane Quest 3
Arcane Quest 3
Arcane Quest 3
Arcane Quest 3
Arcane Quest 3


Smooth and engaging combat mechanics

The core feature of Arcane Quest 3 is its professional touch operating system, which allows players to give full play to the fierce battle. The system automates many actions and gestures, allowing players to focus on the current battle. Players can also release powerful skills or perform actions through the skill bar or drawing specific skill runes.

Explore and conquer a vast fantasy continent

The game's fantasy continent is vast and boundless, waiting for players to explore and seek new challenges. Different areas have different difficulties and various monsters, bringing players a constantly changing experience. In addition to monsters and hostile creatures, there are also many hidden places or rooms that will bring rich rewards to players.

Multiple characters to choose from and upgrade

In Arcane Quest 3, choosing different characters can bring players completely different gaming experiences. Various professions have unique combat styles and abilities, enriching the player's combat routines. Each profession has multiple growth paths, and players can upgrade according to their preferences to experience the growth and strength of the character.

In-depth skill tree, free combination

Each character has its own unique skill tree, which is unlocked as it levels up. The effects and activation methods of skills will differ depending on the character type. Players can freely combine skills to create new skill variants and enhance the character's combat capabilities.

Beautiful pictures and precise judgment area

Arcane Quest 3 has outstanding graphics quality and is extremely practical in combat. The game's scenes and monsters are meticulously detailed, and sudden environmental changes stimulate the player's senses. The skill effects and the player's interaction with the environment are vivid and lifelike, perfectly showing the characteristics of a fantasy world.

Collect or craft legendary weapons

Legendary weapons are powerful assists in the player's adventure. It is not easy to find legendary weapons. Players need to defeat powerful leaders or elite monsters, or even use precious materials collected in missions to forge them. Legendary weapons can be gradually upgraded or strengthened to increase their power, helping players conquer more severe challenges.

Arcane Quest 3 promises to bring players the most exciting adventure experience and the most unforgettable battles. The vast continent is full of dangers, but also full of precious treasures and tempting rewards. The game is rich in content and long-lasting, providing players with unlimited possibilities to write an epic adventure legend.

main features:

Unique touch operating system and smooth animation bring you an excellent combat experience.

The vast continent contains numerous dungeons and creatures. Defeat enemies to win rich rewards.

Diverse professions, unique skill systems and combat styles provide abundant room for growth.

Collect or create powerful equipment to enhance your character's combat effectiveness.

The exquisite 3D graphics bring players a shocking visual experience and an immersive feeling.

Arcane Quest 3 Info

  1. App Name: Arcane Quest 3
  2. App Size: 130M
  3. Category: Role Playing
  4. Developers: NexGameStudios
  5. Current Version: v1.7.6
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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