Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! MOD APK v2.4.9 [Unlimited money]

Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
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    Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!
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Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!
Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!
Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!


Unlimited coins and life points - follow the rhythm of the music and let the colorful balls roll

Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! is a music game designed around the amazing experience the game provides players. Players need to let the colored ball roll without touching other elements to listen to the music in the game. Top players can use this rule to determine elements that appear in front of them and determine their reflections. Balls of predetermined colors move along a defined path. At some point, you have to concentrate on the colored ball changing color. Controls are also simple as you can easily move the ball to the left or right by swiping on the screen. Some tracks require extra effort to complete because they use multiple balls of the same color as the player. Some songs feature balls of the same color moving around an enclosed space.

Open the window and observe the obstacles ahead

Players in Dancing Road will encounter a speed barrier. This is a significant hurdle that requires careful execution to overcome. Previously, this device allowed you to touch balls of different colors to find one that matched your ball color. Balls you can interact with will hinder you as you move through passages. When balls of a specific color are touched, they disappear. A row of extra balls of the same color will then appear. You must match the ball you choose to touch to achieve the desired result. Balls appear in different locations, and color changes prompt their appearance. You'll need to keep your eye on the game and have sharp reflexes to succeed in this challenge.

Unlock different songs after achieving achievements

In addition to different ball themes, there are many other resources in Dancing Road. This includes plenty of gold coins scattered throughout the levels. Players will also encounter many ways to collect these coins. By achieving achievements in each game interface, you can earn additional rewards. Each interface has a certain number of gold coins that need to be displayed appropriately. Simply listening to your favorite songs isn't enough; you need to earn more amazing songs by playing the game to a certain level. Once you unlock new songs, you can complete specific goals with money. Players can complete specific objectives by playing each song. The difficulty of each song is different, and different numbers of stars are awarded according to the player's performance.

Monad key features include: heart-shaped pendant, light-emitting pyramid and reflective silver square

The game has a unique background music that complements the new and attractive theme. The game features many unique stories of varying complexity. In live combat mode, users can interact with the game by dragging and holding specific parts of the screen. The music is of a high standard and caters for a wide range of music lovers.

What is "Dancing Road"?

Mobile gaming has always been popular, and arcade music games have been around ever since. People love playing these types of games because they are challenging and fun. The reason these games are so popular today is because they prioritize convenience. Dancing Road is an arcade music game that is popular on the Google Play Store; it has been downloaded over 50 million times. Although the game looks simple, it has won many fans with its colorful graphics and fun gameplay. In Dancing Road, you just have to move to the beat to win. The color of your current ball will change in unpredictable ways. You must match your current ball color with a stationary ball of matching color. Any mistakes will cause the game to end prematurely. Be sure to pick up as many coins as possible during your detour. As the speed increases, so does the difficulty. Achieving high scores on the track doesn't mean you can't always keep up. Learn more about this game!

"Dancing Road" game features

A music-themed game featuring its roads

A ball game of sliding, jumping and running

AMANOTES has created over 30 games, and these are all their games. Many of these games combine well-known games from around the world to create a whole new experience. Because of this, they are popular among many different brands. If you're used to the popularity of popular games, consider trying something new.

"Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!" Features

The unlock point for this version is the music game, which has unlimited lives. In this modified game you can play the game however you want. With the help of this modification, this game will become easy for you. Enjoy the game! AdvertisementLog in to social accounts: Online games or offline are not supported: Do you need root permissions to be offline? : No license required? : No installation steps required: 1) Download the APK file on the website. 2) Install and enjoy. Also Read: COC MOD. Mod Info: Unlimited Money and Unlimited Coins, Private Server. HappyMod Download Roll the ball to the balls with the same color and avoid collision with the balls of different colors. Let's start the journey and feel the rhythm of the best music!

Follow the rhythm of the music and let the colorful balls roll Open a window and observe the obstacles in front of you Unlock trophies for different songs Monad key features include: Heart-shaped pendant, glowing pyramid and reflective silver cube What is Dancing Road? Features of Dancing Road as a location include its roads A sliding, jumping and running ball game

Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! Info

  1. App Name: Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!
  2. App Size: 110.93 MB
  3. Category: MUSIC
  4. Developers: Amanotes
  5. Current Version: v2.4.9
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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