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Magic Tiles 3
Updated Wed Apr 10 2024
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    Magic Tiles 3
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Magic Tiles 3
Magic Tiles 3
Magic Tiles 3


Magic Tiles 3 is a music game published by About and developed in Vietnam in 2014. The game has been downloaded over 80 million times worldwide, making it one of Amanotes' most popular games. Music-loving players can click on tiles to match sounds and practice playing. This game helps artists create true masterpieces and allows people to recognize the uniqueness of their work.

Display your favorite songs easily

Magic Tiles 3 is a high-quality version of the previous two games, in which you simply touch the black piano keys that appear on the screen while avoiding the white ones. As you repeatedly touch the piano keys, musical sounds are produced, and you will continue to skillfully play beautiful melodies. This game requires players to concentrate and react quickly. The black or white key in the game determines the tempo of the song. Each chorus increases the speed of the song. If the player moves while the black key appears, his song will end immediately. Due to the importance of music in the game, Magic Tiles 2 and 3 are best played using one of the piano instruments. The overall quality of the third installment is higher. Both games connect with Facebook, allowing you to share your game progress with friends. The music in the game is carefully selected to help you relax and unwind. You can play trumpet, piano, and more in one app with over 200 songs for you to discover. Music publishers update their repertoire regularly. To experience the latest version, you need to meet two conditions: spend money to purchase it and upgrade your level.

Do you want to be Richard Clayderman or Yiruma?

The Magic Tiles 3 board game has many advantages. Not only does it play music, it also offers a competitive game with many different features. Players can participate in battle mode and show off their musical talents to the world. Weekly tournaments increase the competition you face and help you win many attractive rewards. You can also battle anyone, including friends, in custom match modes.


Advertisements are often present in most free games. Since the gameplay is not innovative, you can play it over and over again. Playing the game requires accuracy and speed, not a specific strategy. Each level lets you play different tracks with different speeds and looks. Each level has a different music key, speed and appearance. To avoid being annoyed by ads, you can download Magic Tiles 3 from the Google Play Store. This app modifies the game so that you no longer see ads and provides you with endless diamonds and lives.

The appeal of simplicity

Since music games usually have simple graphics, not much differentiation is needed in this area. Players do not have to feel uncomfortable because the background is mainly harmonious colors.


Anyone can play the game using tap controls, even young children. To overcome this challenge, you'll need excellent mental acuity and hand-eye coordination. Can you reconcile both aspects at the same time? You need timing on every key to stay competitive with the music. You also need to pay attention to other aspects of the song, such as its rhythm. Some keys require a press and hold, while others require a light tap. This is a difficult task that requires patience. Adding to the difficulty of the game is playing songs at speeds that may seem impossible to the average person. Many players are not great performers. To check it out for yourself, you'll need to download the Android version of Magic Tiles 3 and play music while it's running. advertise

Fortnite has multiple game modes

This game offers multiple game modes. Play songs in band mode, allowing you to use multiple instruments at the same time. In this mode you can use more than just the piano. Do you want to test your skills against other players around the world? Are you naturally competitive? Battle mode provides the opportunity to connect with other players around the world. As long as you have an internet connection, you can participate in this mode. Before competing against other players, we recommend that you challenge yourself on the harder difficulty of Challenge Mode. This mode provides you with all the necessary difficulty and experience to become the best point-and-click player. By getting all the game-related information ahead of time, it's enough to take it at face value.

If you're interested, here's more information

Note the following: ADVERTISEMENT You can challenge anyone to any type of battle using the option to customize your match mode in Battle Mode. You can challenge your friends to any type of battle by competing directly with anyone of your choice. The songs are of high quality, so you'll enjoy them all while tapping along to the beats. Memorize songs to get the right feel for your clicks and improve your dexterity.

Winning the game requires following the rules

This is a simple piano game that is better than other options. The rules of this game are not difficult to understand. Touch the black square on the display to play music. Swiping up on the touch screen smoothly produces black and white cells that appear alongside it. Players need to avoid white cells - breaking this rule results in immediate failure. Players must follow the rules of black cells as dictated by white cells. Violation of this rule results in an immediate game end. Achieving this goal requires no skipping.

Magic Tiles 3 Info

  1. App Name: Magic Tiles 3
  2. App Size: 161 MB
  3. Category: MUSIC
  4. Developers: Amanotes
  5. Current Version: v11.034.005
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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