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Exile: Wasteland Survival RPG
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
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    Exile: Wasteland Survival RPG
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Exile: Wasteland Survival RPG
Exile: Wasteland Survival RPG
Exile: Wasteland Survival RPG


"Exile Survival" is an action-packed 3D RPG-style simulation game, containing a medieval apocalyptic plot and unique fantasy elements. The story revolves around an ancient civilization that was once glorious and developed to its peak, allowing players to experience many wonderful experiences, such as exploring lost civilizations and feeling global warming. The lost heritage of the past and rising global temperatures have turned the desert into a depressing place to live. When the doomsday comes, you must collect various resources to keep yourself alive in this disaster. You must scavenge for supplies and fight off attackers alone, without weapons, clothing, or shelter, before you are awakened by the harsh silence of the desert. Using technology to gather resources helps you survive longer in the world.

Construct survey fields with handcrafted

Building a survival structure is one of the most crucial parts of the Survival Exile experience. This requires developed skills to gather resources and build shelter. This allows the hero to hide from attackers while battling dangerous creatures lurking in the wild.

There are many building options and missions to choose from in the game

The game gives you the ability to craft new armor and weapons with unique properties. This is not a game that relies on luck; all aspects are completely under your control. You first need to collect resources and then process them into the equipment you need. You must build a sturdy home so that you can craft durable items at the crafting table. This also allows you to rest and recharge after long desert battles. You must also build a strong protective fortress as it will help you defend yourself from the harsh enemies outside.

Collect raw materials for future projects by exploring new locations and gathering resources

The first open world survival game combines a realistic post-apocalyptic setting with the best in role-playing. Players will explore the mysterious jungle and encounter some unique ancient civilizations and new enemies. In the wilderness, players must fight through evil dungeons before gaining the upper hand. Discover and collect resources to help you enhance your defenses, powers, and base while fighting in a dark desert filled with thrilling action. Once you win, you receive valuable loot and consider it your own.

Face off against threatening enemies in thrilling confrontations

This RPG game will challenge you to become stronger and more varied in the game. As the game progresses, you'll face stronger opponents like Amazons, tigers, spiders, and scorpions. You can craft poison weapons unique to the game and utilize them in combat. You can even fight the boss and his minions at the end of each battle, requiring new strategies during the fight.

Mobile games have rich and practical functions

In a ruined world plagued by war, face a group of still-mysterious merchants and complete various quests. You can discover new recipes and craft weapons or vehicles that help you enter interesting combat areas or unlock special rewards. You can find inspiration for crafting tools and vehicles in the form of special loot. Stock up on bows and crossbows and learn to hunt while building a safe shelter. This will allow you to survive in this desolate desert. You'll fight powerful bosses and unique enemies like tigers, spiders, and scorpions. You need to develop a combat strategy to defeat these enemies and utilize the battle gas you made. Craft resources, armor, and vehicles in a realistic apocalyptic environment. Travel to new locations like jungles or deserts, or to battlefields like plains or wilderness. The game allows players to craft resources and collect them in new locations.

Get to know Survival Exile: Harsh Survival with these details

Playing survival games is always full of challenges. After playing a game, I often think about the predicament I found myself in. Without fail, my mind always turns to the question of what I could do if I were in that desperate situation. My urge to transition from one survival game to another came from my sense of exhaustion and need for comfort. I also feel scared and alone when I can't control my stress. Even after playing hundreds of games, the desire to play intense new games never fades. Instead, my desire for comfort and fear drove me to play a post-apocalyptic game.

Definitely play "Survival Exile" in prison

Playing this game will blow your mind. This is an intense environment where the possibility of death is real. There are no monsters to fight or obstacles to prevent damage. Even the way the game starts will shock you. Forget about plane crashes, ship sinking, or getting lost in the woods. Forget it all, because this game has a completely different plot. The war between the gods ended with the supreme god sweeping away. Thousands of cities across millions of years of civilization were abandoned. The dry, dreary land that surrounds the green planet now has only the monsters left behind. Survivors have never experienced anything worse than their current situation. Many people believe that death is preferable to the need to survive in this world. Those who retain a glimmer of hope form various factions worshiping different gods. You are not one of those people. In the game's story, you are the only one expelled from your tiny community. Although you are an exile, you possess a rebellious heart and a fiery will. You have to fight for survival in a demanding battle full of challenges.

What will you face?

Leaving with nothing forces you to enter the game like a real survival game. All from scratch. You must gather materials to craft your own weapons, armor, find food to survive, and build shelter.

Features of Exile: Desolation Survival RPG:

"Survival in Exile" The once prosperous land was torn apart after a bloody massacre broke out between cruel gods, turning the world into ruins. After the battle ended, the few survivors saw the devastating consequences they would have to deal with. Cities and towns were reduced to barren wastelands, civilization was destroyed, and life was thrown back to its ancient form. Players take on the role of a lone exile exiled from his tribe, forced to contend with the aftermath of a bloody war. Get ready to embark on a brutal adventure, explore deadly wastelands, and face the bloody consequences of war.

Unique situation .

The world of Survival Exile is a unique mixture of contrasts. Bright colors and lush visuals go hand in hand with brutal action, brutal brutality and gore. As you get deeper into the game, you'll feel the real, brutal, and bloody core of day-to-day survival in the wasteland.

Stunning visuals .

Fight for survival in stunning top-notch graphics. Survival Exile's unique and beautiful visuals will satisfy the most demanding experts, while also being carefully optimized and ready to run smoothly on most modern devices. Immerse yourself in bloody action and brutal violence and leave the optimization to us!

Build your own career .

Rather than locking you into a strict set of predefined classes, Survival Exile gives you a blank check and the opportunity to build your own unique survivor. Explore hundreds of unique abilities, combine them however you like, and create your own way to play.

Lush location .

Survival Exile shows that even a deserted world can shock you with its variety and beauty. Explore deadly desert wastelands, fight in vicious dungeons, and engage in brutal action among the remnants of abandoned cities. Future updates will further enrich the in-game locations and take your survivors to snow-capped peaks, abyssal oceans, and more.

Build your base .

Even the dangerous wastelands of Survival Exile are tempting, and all roads still lead home. Build your base to become stronger and craft all the materials needed to transform your humble home into a real fortress. Leave the cruel world outside while you craft, build and grow your survivors.

Build a path to victory .

Survival Exile offers you a unique and refreshing way to acquire new armor and weapons. You no longer need to rely on luck from boss drops. Now everything is in your hands! Explore various locations to obtain resources and craft the weapons or armor you need at any time. Don’t wait for a lucky drop, build the ultimate gear yourself!

Blood and violence at fingertips .

Brutal skirmishes, bloody fatalities, spectacular battles and acts of limb-mutilation. Survival Exile doesn't mince words, diving straight into the brutal world of bloody brutal action. You try your best to survive or you will be killed by your enemies.

Intuitive controls .

Survival Exile brings the classic hack-and-slash action RPG experience to mobile platforms. Intuitive controls allow you to battle enemies, pull off spectacular fatal kills, and build up combo counters just like the survivor himself. No more overloaded interfaces, clean controls clear clean controls.

Upcoming online cooperative PVP multiplayer game .

Survival Exile isn't just another hack-and-slash action RPG, it's a labor of love. Future upgrades will include a large number of new features such as online multiplayer mode, becoming one of the most important. Play with friends in CO-OP PVE mode, or join a clan and battle other survivors in brutal PVP. The more victories you achieve, the easier it will be to survive.

FB website: www.facebook.com/ExileSurvival

Exile: Wasteland Survival RPG Info

  1. App Name: Exile: Wasteland Survival RPG
  2. App Size: 124.63 MB
  3. Category: Role Playing
  4. Developers: Pridegamesstudio Ou Plc
  5. Current Version: v0.56.1.3197
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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