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Grim Quest - Old School RPG
Updated Mon Mar 25 2024
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    Grim Quest - Old School RPG
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Grim Quest - Old School RPG
Grim Quest - Old School RPG
Grim Quest - Old School RPG


"Dark Quest" is a unique mobile game that leads players into a mysterious magical world through simple black and white abstract silhouettes. Instead of emphasizing zombies and gory scenes, the game focuses on frightening dark forces. This world full of magic is divided into two sides: light and dark. The former is inhabited by mysterious creatures who coexist in harmony, while the latter is a realm of constant conflict and is the habitat of magicians who pursue power and world domination. Only the strongest characters will survive in this fear-filled environment, which must be overcome to move forward. Each character has unique abilities and stories, which shape the plot of the game. Choose a character you like, read the information in the game carefully, and start your fantasy adventure.

war in magic land

"Dark Quest" has the most terrifying witches, and players must face the powerful existence of these dark forces in the order of the story. Players are free to choose the enemy they face first. The two parties unconsciously regarded the war as a classic confrontation, and even believed that each other's battles were conducted in a turn-based manner. Because you cannot use magic attacks when your opponent attacks, you can only defend. You must do your best to stop the witch's attack. Protecting the location is key. The person with higher health points is more likely to win. Upon failure, additional armor, weapons, consumables, and forging tools can be added to the character to increase their power. You can also change the character's base after the game.

By exploring the mysterious world and completing assigned tasks, you will gain a certain level of understanding.

Key product features include:

- 27 transformable characters, each character has different plot development dimensions

- Defeat enemies in combat to unlock the legend surrounding the mysterious land

- Collect armor, weapons, consumables and forging tools to strengthen your character and face the dark forces in magical combat

- Collect over 60 magical puzzle pieces hidden in small and large quests to uncover the biggest mysteries in the game

- Classic gothic-style graphics and mysterious sound effects create a fascinating fantasy world

Eye-catching features

Consider these important features:

- Players can fight and win against enemies in the turn-based RPG, and boss battles will begin in the game

- Through history and legend, be inevitably drawn into this dark world of fantasy

- Use one character throughout the game to maintain your character's mental state and avoid unintended consequences

- The game has 25 character spells, 20 passive and active skills

- 27 characters with different backgrounds to choose from, see the impact of each background on the game in the above article

- Through text and interactive events, players will have a pleasant time in the game

- Other collectible items such as collectibles, consumables, weapons and materials

- More than 60 hidden legends in the game can be seen everywhere

- Unlike other games, there are multiple tasks and bounties to complete

- Lead a guerrilla war of survivors in a besieged fortress

- Multiple difficulty levels, each offering a relaxing or intense experience, depending on your choice

-Selective permadeath is an optional feature, but it is highly recommended for players to use it

"Dark Quest" - Old Time RPG Features:

"Dark Quest" is a classic turn-based RPG/dungeon exploration game with gothic aesthetics and retro atmosphere. Set in a dark fantasy world, it incorporates elements of Lovecraftian horror, emphasizing atmosphere and immersion through dark visuals, music, and extensive text content.

Features include:

- Immerse yourself in a dark fantasy world with unique history and lore

- Defeat enemies and bosses in a classic turn-based combat system

- Manage your character's mental state or suffer unexpected consequences

- Choose from 20 unique spells and 15 active and passive skills to build your character

- Choose one of 16 backgrounds, each affecting gameplay in a different way

- Experience the game world through a variety of interactive, text-based events

- Obtain weapons, accessories, consumables and forging materials

- Complete missions and collect bounties

- Manage the defense of a besieged city and endure attacks and other disasters

- Play for a relaxing or suspenseful experience with 3 difficulty levels, optional permadeath and other adjustable settings

Dark Quest charts a thought-provoking dark fantasy world by exploring the wars of an enchanted land, uncovering the stories and mysteries of a mysterious world, and crafting unique character development. Challenge your strategic thinking and adventurous spirit, plunge into this contest between dark power and bright hope, and feel the entanglement and conflict between black and white.

Grim Quest - Old School RPG Info

  1. App Name: Grim Quest - Old School RPG
  2. App Size: 88.44 MB
  3. Category: Role Playing
  4. Developers: Grimdev
  5. Current Version: v1.8.17
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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