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Grim Quest
Updated Tue Jun 11 2024
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Grim Quest
Grim Quest
Grim Quest
Grim Quest
Grim Quest


Grim Quest is a fantasy role-playing game that takes you into a magical world shrouded in darkness. Under the leadership of your character, you will explore the mysteries and mysteries of this world and engage in thrilling magic wars.

Dark Forces and Your Character

As soon as you enter Grim Quest, you will be shocked by the black and white space on the screen. This is the opening signal of the game theme - horror. There is no blood and zombies here, but there are creepy dark forces. This is a magical country with both light and dark sides. In this fantasy world, power and disputes are everywhere. Evil wizards are plotting to conquer every inch of land and bring it under their rule. They terrify everyone here. Only by becoming stronger can you survive in this land.

The game provides 27 unique characters for you to choose from. Each character has a unique name and characteristics, which are their innate abilities. The different characters you choose will affect the development of the game plot. Each character has its own magical story. Their skill library includes 25 magic attacks, and 20 active and passive attack and defense skills. Read the information carefully, choose your favorite character, and embark on your fantasy adventure.

War in the Magic Land

In the land of Grim Quest, combat is inevitable and often crucial. You will fight against the most terrible witches in the land, or so they think. Follow the storyline and choose your opponent. The combat format of the game is a classic turn-based combat. That is, both sides will take turns to launch magical attacks on the opponent; during the attack of the other side, the other side is basically unable to attack.

You can defend with the help of magic attacks. The more powerful the magic attribute of the character is, the easier it is to win. You must protect your base from the attacks of the witches. Once you fail, your base belongs to your opponent, and vice versa. You can equip additional armor, weapons, consumables or crafting tools to improve the combat power of your character.

Explore the mysterious world and complete the missions

The world of Grim Quest is full of battles and stories that have never been revealed. Each witch will bring you a different experience and story. These revealed stories add more magical elements and inspire you to explore with gothic aesthetics and eerie and suspenseful sound effects. Depending on the character you choose, the story surrounding that character will also be presented in its own unique way. Who knows, maybe there is some mystery about your true identity? Dark legends and history will lead you to the depths of the storyline, which is far more complicated than ordinary battles you think.

Wars and hidden dark mysteries intertwine to form the quest. As you explore this fantasy world, you will encounter quests big and small. Small quests are usually simple and appear every day. As for the big quests, players need to put in more effort to complete them. You must travel through many lands and collect more than 60 magical fragments to unlock the biggest mystery of the game. What could it be? What effect will it have on this land? Find out for yourself!

Game Features

Transform into any character from among 27 available characters. Each character has a different storyline development direction.

Fight to uncover the dark legends of the magical realm.

Fight against the forces of darkness with magic. Use skills to upgrade armor, weapons, consumables and crafting tools to increase your character's combat power.

Complete quests both small and large: Collect over 60 magical fragments and solve the game's greatest mysteries.

Classic Gothic graphics and scary sound effects create a fascinating mysterious fantasy world.

Grim Quest Info

  1. App Name: Grim Quest
  2. App Size: 75M
  3. Category: Role Playing
  4. Developers: Monomyth
  5. Current Version: v1.5.5
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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