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Legendary: Game of Heroes
Updated Fri Apr 19 2024
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    Legendary: Game of Heroes
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Legendary: Game of Heroes
Legendary: Game of Heroes
Legendary: Game of Heroes

Legendary: Game of Heroes is a puzzle adventure RPG full of charm, fun and depth. Players will enter the fantasy world of Korelis and form the ultimate team of legendary heroes. In this most immersive and strategic puzzle RPG game, you are a legend! Start your adventure!

Game Highlights:

Magic Match - a unique, fun and powerful matching game

• Hundreds of amazing characters waiting for you to collect and evolve

• Explore, develop and unleash powerful skills

• Battle with friends and share the loot

• Join a guild to participate in guild events, awaken your heroes and receive precious gifts

• Chat with guild members and develop strategies to dominate the guild leaderboards

• Create a team to create the ultimate strategy

• Continuous updates, new adventures waiting for you to explore

• Open packs to win rare, ultra-rare and legendary heroes

• Collect all the heroes and unlock the secrets and story of Korelis

• Master missions and earn special mission rewards

• Stunning graphics bring the world of Korelis to life

A majestic and addictive puzzle game

Legendary: Game of Heroes is a captivating adventure story. The player's journey in the world is always full of difficulties and fierce battles. This is because the game's real-time match-3 puzzle system takes place in a constantly looping time environment. This means each player has the opportunity to create different strategies during the climactic moments. Legendary's difficulty changes based on player progress, creating the toughest challenge for each player. The entire battle relies on match-3 puzzle elements. Each player's action or combination triggers a series of compatible character states. Players need to match blocks of corresponding colors to trigger automatic attacks of varying power based on the number of matched blocks. After the character accumulates enough energy, they will unleash their ultimate skills and effects.

Many epic bosses and minions await

Combat varies based on player choices. The variety of enemies, bosses, and minions throughout the game is impressive. This allows them to display a variety of combat abilities and provide players with diverse challenges. Different enemies present different combat capabilities, and players can prepare for them. This helps players prepare different characters, increasing their chances of survival or victory in completing each mission objective.

Unlocking tons of characters requires playing the game

Legendary adds new characters to the game every week. This helps players build unique teams that can tackle different challenges. Players can only bring 5 members to each raid, and the variety feels pretty extensive. Each combat unit features an extensive upgrade system that enhances players' abilities and enables them to fight powerful enemies.

Online players must face challenging player-to-player confrontations

Finding a balance between player level and AI enemies provides players with a whole new experience in online battle mode. In these modes, players do not engage in real-time combat, but fight each other in a turn-based manner, providing equal opportunities for both sides. Two-player mode also allows players to discover secrets and new experiences as they fight against challenging enemies.

Participating in the World BOSS Raid is an optional activity

Every week, "Legendary" on the server will end with a BOSS battle. At this point, all players need to work together to defeat a powerful threat. No matter which level a player belongs to, they can invite up to three other players to participate in an all-out attack. Rewards are plentiful, with each player earning up to three achievement levels for their efforts, regardless of their ranking. This heroic match-3 puzzle game combines action with match-3 puzzles to create an exciting gaming experience. Similar to other action games, it provides exciting and irresistible emotions to the players. It also contains many activities and opportunities for online interaction to help players better understand the world they live in, including how to fight better and improve their intellectual knowledge.

Relate "Legendary: Game of Heroes" with detailed text

Learn more about the Korelis by delving into their universe. Many stories about the long war between gods and demons have been passed down to this day. No one knows if these stories are true. The lack of any evidence or proof does not prevent people from creating inspiring entertainment. Many artists and writers were inspired by the war, as their work demonstrates. Legendary: The Game of Heroes is similar.

story plot

A game with a monster or god theme has a more engaging plot than others. The plot is what makes the game good as it adds to the amount of superhumans, earthquakes, and layering. Ultimately, plot serves as the unifying element for seemingly unrelated characters and events. This makes the effort towards the campaign seem purposeful despite the lack of intrinsic connections. In the soul realm of Korelis, adjacent to heaven and earth, gods and humans live. For some reason, so do some malevolent entities from Hell. They intended to conquer Korelis. Thousands of years ago, the Sun God ruled over Korelis; he ruled over a religious system that predates recorded history. A greedy dark lord responded with his own voice. His actions cost him dearly. The Sun God sealed his body in a dungeon covered in multiple seals, chains, and searing heat. There is little chance of escape as the only way to escape is back to the outside world. Those who attempt to leave the dungeon will encounter unimaginable layers of lava. Currently, the Dark Lord has found a way to bypass the seal and penetrate the magma to exact revenge on the entire land of Korelis, save for those brave gods and those innocents who descended from the sun. To free Korelis from captivity, you must assemble the world's most powerful heroes. The only way to achieve this is to create an army of invincible soldiers.


You start out with only a few default characters on your roster. Each of these heroes has common abilities and skills. Their fighting abilities are unlikely. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to recruit unique warriors. By defeating the Dark Lord's back-eared demon, completing quests, and maximizing your character's potential, you'll earn many valuable rewards. This will help you increase your experience points and get many new heroes. Each combat level has a different set of heroes. To prepare for the next battle, players should focus on building up their army by completing early missions. Each hero represents a card with a unique ability and stat ranking system, leveling up in their own way.

Legendary: Game of Heroes Info

  1. App Name: Legendary: Game of Heroes
  2. App Size: 98M
  3. Category: Role Playing
  4. Developers: N3twork Inc
  5. Current Version: v3.17.0
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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