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Rejekuro! ~Legend Clover~
Updated Sat Mar 30 2024
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    Rejekuro! ~Legend Clover~
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    159.71 MB


Rejekuro! ~Legend Clover~
Rejekuro! ~Legend Clover~
Rejekuro! ~Legend Clover~
Rejekuro! ~Legend Clover~
Rejekuro! ~Legend Clover~


"Legend of Clover" is a gorgeous fantasy SRPG mobile game launched by DMM GAMES. Players will command heroes who are transformed into beautiful girl characters to fight together!

The world is in danger, and a fierce battle begins between the legendary heroes and the evil monster Hades.

In a distant era, the evil monster Hades is about to destroy the world. The gods living on the moon reborn legends beyond human beings, and sealed Hades with the earth.

Thousands of years have passed, the sealed Hades continent has risen again, and the crisis has come again.

At this time, an ordinary young man living in a remote windmill village successfully summoned the legendary hero Joan of Arc through his father's relics. This encounter changed the young man's destiny.

Exquisite illustrations, showing high-quality beautiful girl characters!

Use magic gems to summon various beautiful girl heroes! Join unique characters on a journey to save the world!

Improve your combat effectiveness through upgrades, professions and skills, and enjoy the diverse training system!

Deepen your bond, increase your likeability, and perhaps unlock the story of a special character...? Experience stories and tactical battles with many beautiful girl heroes!

A powerful tactical simulation RPG that can change the situation of the battle!

With simple and easy click operations, the strategies are unlimited! Form your favorite team and face the evil monster Hades! Whether you prefer strength or cuteness, enjoy a simple and comprehensive strategy simulation!

Recommended list for everyone!

- Players who love beautiful girl characters

- Players who like beautiful girls and cute girl characters

- Players who like beautiful girl game apps with cute characters as the theme

- Players who like Moe characters and cute girls

- Players who want to experience various types of girls in beautiful girl games

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- Players looking for Moe apps or Moe games

- Players who like sexy beautiful girl characters

- Players who like fantasy stories

- Players who like to cultivate beautiful girls, improve their levels and strengthen their abilities

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- Players who are also playing the PC version of DMM series games

- Players who have played the neglected beautiful girl game application

- Players who like beautiful girls like idols

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- Players who want to be able to operate the game easily

- Players who like Moe Nana

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- Players who love beautiful graphics

- Players who enjoy games with many heroes and gods transformed into beautiful girl characters

- Players who often play DMM series games

- Players who like simulation games

- Players who want to play an SRPG game where beautiful girls play an active role

- Players who want to enjoy SRPG game with super beautiful graphics

- Players who want to play a comprehensive SRPG game

- Players who are confident in their tactical gameplay

- Players who like strategy simulation and fighting with beautiful girls

Link with your DMM account and you can play on your mobile phone or PC anytime and anywhere!

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The application itself is free, but some props need to be purchased for a fee.

Recommended terminal:

Android 8.0 and above smartphones

If the device does not meet the recommended environmental requirements, it may not be usable or may not operate properly. It is recommended to enjoy the game in a WiFi environment. Game operation may be affected by the environment and device usage, and can be improved by closing the application, turning off the terminal power, clearing the cache, etc. The recommended environment will be changed as needed. Please be sure to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before use.

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Rejekuro! ~Legend Clover~ Info

  1. App Name: Rejekuro! ~Legend Clover~
  2. App Size: 159.71 MB
  3. Category: Role Playing
  4. Developers: Dmmgames
  5. Current Version: v2.9.0
  6. System: Android 8.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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  5. Enjoy!

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