Fairy Light Fire Dragon MOD APK v4.5.36 [Good Fashion]

Fairy Light Fire Dragon
Updated Wed Apr 03 2024
  • Name
    Fairy Light Fire Dragon
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    73.93 MB


Fairy Light Fire Dragon
Fairy Light Fire Dragon
Fairy Light Fire Dragon


"Fairy Light Fire Dragon" is a mobile game with the main line of tracking robbers. In the game, players will play the role of a robbed protagonist and embark on an adventure journey of tracking and finding the robber.

1. Exciting tracking plot : The main plot of the game revolves around the protagonist being robbed. Players will embark on a tracking road full of unknown challenges to find the traces of the robber.

2. Wonderful adventure levels : The game has designed multiple wonderful adventure levels. Players need to solve puzzles and fight in different scenes and challenge various difficulties.

3. Enrich the character development system : Players can continuously improve the protagonist's abilities through in-game tasks and challenges, unlock skills, strengthen equipment, and create the strongest character.

4. Diversified gameplay : In addition to the main tasks, the game also sets up a variety of dungeons and activities to allow players to fully experience the fun of the game.

5. Exquisite graphics and sound effects : The game uses exquisite graphics and sound effects to create a beautiful game world, allowing players to immerse themselves in it and enjoy the audio-visual feast of the game.

6. Social interaction gameplay : Players can team up with friends to challenge dungeons, give each other props, and explore the game world together to increase the social fun of the game.

In the world of "Fairy Light Fire Dragon", it is full of unknown adventures and challenges waiting for players to explore and challenge. Come join us and embark on this thrilling tracking journey to uncover the identity of the robber and save the protagonist's story!

Game details and download link : Players are welcome to click on the link to learn more about the game and download the game to experience it.

Fairy Light Fire Dragon Info

  1. App Name: Fairy Light Fire Dragon
  2. App Size: 73.93 MB
  3. Category: Arcade
  4. Developers: Mistake Game Studio
  5. Current Version: v4.5.36
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

How to Download?

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  5. Enjoy!

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